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Creating A World Of Successful Learners

Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to strengthen their foundations as well as improve their performance. Below are some of the courses we offer.

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Academic Coaching
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Success Coaching
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Nutrition Coaching
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Academic Classes

The                     Difference

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Meeting the Needs of Every Student

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The combined offering of academic tutoring, success coaching and the role of nutrition in learning transforms the students ability and capability in learning effectively to grow confidently.

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Personalisation is key! Learn at your own pace with a preferred teacher. Get personalised support to meet needs specific to you.

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Build Successful Learners

With the inclusion of the self-study programme, Highq provides a learning environment where students work independently, together with handpicked coaches and tutors, towards achieving their goals.

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Sessions are carefully monitored. Feedback reports, together with class notes and worksheets are provided to parents and students after every lesson.

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Every tutor is screened and certified. Safety features require teachers to adhere to a stringent reporting system. Students do not need to share any personal information.

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Anytime. Anywhere. Any subject. Any device. Save time with face-to- face tutoring, coaching and counselling and mentoring with the right tools.


“I can’t thank HighQ enough, attending albeit for a relatively short time dramatically increased my daughter’s confidence in mathematics. It made sense of the math she had learnt at school but didn’t particularly understand. HighQ exposed her to friendly, memorable strategies and created quite a shift in my daughter’s attitude to math- much to my delight. I have and would recommend HighQ to any child that either doesn’t enjoy or struggles with maths.”

Deanna, Mother of Year 5 TTS Student, Singapore

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