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Home Schooling Support

Tutors conduct sessions which could be either individual lessons in a group setting or one-on one lessons depending on grade level curriculum goals. The sessions aim to address individual requirements of a variety of students such as:

  -  Homeschool students

  -  Struggling and at-risk students

  -  Students with special needs

  -  Students at grade-level

  -  Advanced or gifted students

"The centre provided me with more materials to practice with which gave broader explanations for concepts than just my school textbook. We all have different methods of learning, or one method might be easier than another for different people. It was really helpful being shown all the different ways I could approach a problem or concept, because even if I couldn't understand one way, there was always another. My teacher was tough on me, but in a good way. I've been given a lot of hard exercises that I sometimes have no idea how to approach, but the guidance was always there for me when I was stuck"

Thinn Aung, Year 13 Student of TTS, Singapore

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