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The Power of EQ

Did you know that a child’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) contributes towards almost 80% to the factors determining success in later life? Numerous studies have shown that EQ improves not only academic achievement and positive behaviour, BUT ALSO reduces stress and can predict up to a 66-79% of variation in performance! In short it has a positive impact on increasing academic performance,  effectiveness & decision making,  improving relationships, health and thereby general quality of life!

The Power of Feelings

Just like an iceberg, many of us bury our true feelings and then experience Titanic moments leading to stress, demotivation and uncontrolled anger. Sound familiar?? As parents we have all experienced this at some point in time, and it is during these moments that one wishes one had the tools to handle and support our children better.

Prevention is Better than the Cure

By equipping our children with the necessary tools, we will actually be able to prevent these “titanic moments.” Now wouldn’t that be awesome!

The EQ Difference

Some Statistics..

The results of a meta-analysis conducted has shown that children who attended a social emotional learning programme also demonstrated:

In other words, skills of emotional intelligence can be learnt and are key to Academic and Long Term success.

highq website percentile gain image.jpg

An Impressive 11-Percentile Point Gain in Academic Test Scores


Fewer Disruptive Behaviours Such As Aggression, Delinquent Acts


Improved Attitudes and Behaviours


Reduced Reports of Depression, Stress, and Anxiety From Students

Social Emotional Learning is Critical for a Student's Success.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to:

Understand and Manage Emotions

Set and Achieve Positive Goals

Feel and Show Empathy for Others

Establish and Maintain Positive Relationships

Make Responsible Decisions



 Self Awareness    -    Self Management    -    Social Awareness

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